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Glen Kirby

Glen Kirby has more than 35 years experience as a national journalist and media consultant, developing internal and external communications, advertising and lots of video production.

Glen has collaborated with many great clients, including:

Alberta Report
Brandon University
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Community Leadership Network
Canadian Immigrant
Career Destination Manitoba
CBC-Radio Canada
City TV
Daily Split
Glacier Media
Kidela Investments
Kritter Klock
Leadership Winnipeg
Lloydminster Times
Lustre Fitness and Lifestyle
Manitoba Government
Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers
Mandy van Leeuwen
Michel St. Hilaire
Municipality of Souris-Glenwood
National Screen Institute
Real Estate News Exchange
Rural Development Institute
Sioux Lookout Floating Lodges
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Sport Manitoba
Winnipeg Free Press

Kirby Communication is located in the southwest corner of Manitoba, an area rich with pioneering history, scenic communities and friendly people. Consider these great things about Westman:

Nellie McClung
Best known for her accomplishments in the women's suffrage movement, Nellie McClung was raised in Westman on a homestead  at Milford, a now-deserted community established in 1879 not far from Wawanesa. Starting classes at age 10 after a school was built, McClung would later credit her teacher with encouraging her ambitions. By age 16, she had a teaching certificate. At age 35, she was a best-selling author. In 1917, McCluing was 43 and Manitoba women became the first in Canada with the right to vote, largely through her efforts.

Royal Manitoba Winter Fair
One of only two Canadian fairs to receive Royal patronage, this event Is held every March during school spring break and draws more than 100,000 visitors to Brandon, effectively doubling the city's population. The Manitoba government lists the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair as "one of our most popular annual attractions because it’s an enjoyable and educational agricultural experience for the entire family.”

CCM 'Tacks' Skates
Brandon shoe merchant George Tackaberry made a pair of hockey skate boots in 1905 for a neighbour who played in the pro leagues. It didn't take long for 'Tacks' to become the signature skate for pros, kids and beer-league players alike; a brand name that today still speaks to quality and durability.

Souris Swinging Bridge
Billed as the longest historic suspension bridge in Canada and drawing visitors from all the world, the Swinging Bridge is a well-used, well-loved pedestrian crossing over the Souris River. First built in 1904, flood waters have claimed the Bridge three times with the latest version a $4.5-million dollar structure engineered to survive any future high water.

The Greatest Canadian
Tommy Douglas, who brought universal health care to Canada, attended University in Brandon in the 1920s before becoming one of the country's great political leaders. Douglas was voted Greatest Canadian in a nation-wide CBC poll in 2004.

Spirit Sands Desert
One of the very few examples of dunes found in Canada, this patch of sand and cacti near Carberry was an Assiniboine River delta in prehistoric times. The Devils Punch Bowl is a highlight; 45-metre tall dunes slip and slide into an eerie pool of water at the bottom of a bowl-shaped depression.

Bronfman Empire
Sam Bronfman was raised in Brandon after emigrating from Russia in the late 1800s. While in Westman, he became involved in the hotel and liquor business, eventually moving to Montreal, selling liquor to US customers during that country's prohibition, acquiring Seagram and turning that spirits brand into an international conglomerate worth billions of dollars.

International Peace Gardens
On the US-Canada border near Boissevain, this tranquil park features over 150,000 flowers and twisted steel girders salvaged from the World Trade Center attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. Open year-round, the Gardens draw tens of thousands of visitors during the summer when plants are in bloom, including a 13-foot clock decorated entirely with flowers.

National Historic Sites
1) Souris-Assiniboine Posts - Beginning in 1793 near present-day Wawanesa, a series of frontier forts were built along the Assiniboine River by fur trade companies which became gateways to the west for famous explorers including David Thompson and Alexander Henry and, later, the homesteaders and businesspeople.

2) Neepawa Court House - Built in 1884, this structure secured Neepawa's place as the most prominent town in the district and today is the second-oldest court house existing on the Prairies. Remarkably well-preserved, the two-story facility has been in continued and various use as a county court, jail, municipal office and theatre.

3) Linear Mounds Archaeological Site  - Spectacular and well-preserved, these mortuary mounds honouring the dead were constructed between 900 and 1400 AD near present-day Melita and contain artifacts including stone tablets, clay vessels, and throat  masks fashioned with Gulf Coast conch shells.

4) Dominion Exhibition Display Building - Constructed in Brandon in 1913, this is the last remaining example in Canada of a venue specifically built for the Dominion Exhibition. a prestigious national agricultural event awarded each year to a host city from the late 1880s to World War l.  Brandon's Ex drew a reported 200,000 visitors. Since then, the impressive domed roofs have been home to everything from hockey games to livestock shows, petting zoos to cold storage space.

5) Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum - This original war-time hangar at the Brandon airport features several World War II aircraft, unique displays and  artifacts.

6) Brockinton Indian Sites - An archeological treasure-trove near Melita, this area contains evidence of occupation as early as 800 AD when Indigenous peoples forced bison into a large trap called a pound where they were killed and butchered. Arrowheads, pottery, and tools of bone and stone indicate occupation by three different cultures in the thousand years before European contact.

Great Goaltenders
Despite the unforgettable slap of a frozen puck in -30 degree cold on an outdoor rink, southern Manitoba has produced a list of all-star NHL goalies: Turk Broda, Ron Low, Glen Hanlon, Ron Hextall, Curt Ridley, Bill Ranford, Ken Wregget; Ed Belfour hails from Carman...not that far away.

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Kirby Communications brings form and inspiration to your marketing and advertising with content and strategy. Click a topic for more.


"There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." -Frank Capra

Over a billion people watch online videos each day. Kirby Communications can produce video for your website, in-house training, DVD sales packages, closed-circuit video loops or commercial broadcast.

Here are a few videos we've done:


Be it the printed word or letters on a screen, well-written copy is critical in conveying your message.

Words are powerful. Influential. Calming, frightening or saucy. Words can make you pick up the phone or write a cheque or get you out of jail, free.

When you have something to say but don’t fancy yourself a wordsmith, Kirby Communications provides first to final drafts filled with active, sparkling, error-free content.

We know lots of words and just as many places to put them.

Web Copy
Press Releases
News Writing/Editorials
Advertising Copy
Advocacy Articles
Speeches and PowerPoints
Scripting for Radio/TV
Song Lyrics


Andy Warhol famously remarked that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Whether you are seeking fame or fleeing infamy, we can help.

Our strength in media relations comes from knowing how the media operates. Glen Kirby built a successful career reporting, producing and managing newsrooms in western Canada. That knowledge is a powerful base for the media relations we can offer to you:

Media Relations Planning
Crisis Communications
Media Awareness Training
Spokesperson Coaching
Message Development
Media Release Writing/Distributing
Press Conferences


Public engagement is a collaborative approach to achieving goals; a better way to find solutions.

Whether through large town halls or intimate cafe meetings, public engagement actively brings together people to discuss and solve challenges.

Kirby Communications can help increase the quality and quantity of your public engagement activities:

Planning and Coordination
Event Facilitation
Community Advertising
Opinion Polling
Public Relations Management


Communications strategy is a map showing how to get to a place that you have defined. Maybe that place has higher sales, increased employeee participation, or greater brand awareness.

Determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs) is a good place to start. A SWOT analysis identifies the key internal and external factors in achieving an objective.

A good communications strategy serves and supports the objectives of an organization or individual, facilitating a 'culture of communications'.


Thriving on challenge, we view every project as an opportunity for new partnerships and creative expression. We value your patronage and trust, and work until you are satisfied. Our mission is to empower people with information and have a little fun doing it.

We fully understand the realities that you face in running a small business or not-for-profit because we're small, too. Resources, time and service are always in the balance.

Kirby Communications delivers on-time and on-budget, putting everything we know into motion on every project.

We love the potential and creativity that comes with being a part of the world's most influential profession. The work keeps us smiling!

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