I get asked all the time, "What do you do?" Even friends and relatives who know about this project or that project are hard-pressed to see how it all connects.

In short, I can help you sell your stuff, whether that's a product, idea or image. I create the content and strategy to connect with the people you want to reach. And I've got a lot of valuable, varied experience.

Shape your public image; reach new customers and clients; motivate and encourage employees; share inspiring messages with stakeholders and donors. Kirby Communications can craft the message and the plan to make that happen.


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    Glen Kirby (that's me) has four decades of communications expertise with business, government and not-for-profits
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    At age eight, I was penning my first novel; by high school, writing newspaper columns and producing films
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    After college, I enjoyed a decade in commercial radio as a reporter, news director, copywriter, and disc jockey
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    On TV since 1988 with private and public networks, I like to think I'm a skilled director, producer, VJ, editor, and host
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    I have a passion for presenting information to help people make informed choices, and have even won a few awards for it


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    With the right strategy and media tools, Kirby Communications brings form and inspiration to your communications
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    Communications is driven by change, so before creating the how and when, I ask you about the who, what and why
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    I'll fine-tune the message, incorporating the appropriate communications tools to maximize reach, impact, and retention
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    I have been fortunate to collaborate with a great number of talented people in many diverse organizations...
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    Together we have worked on incredible projects for print, video and the web, and I look forward to new partnerships


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    Kirby Communications is a resourceful small business based in southern Manitoba that values every client
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    I thrive on creativity and challenge, viewing every project as a new opportunity for inspired expression
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    As part of the world's most influential profession, my goal is to share knowledge that make lives better
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    Hey, I respect the realities faced by clients. I value your patronage and trust, and work until you are satisfied
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    Yes, I work hard but like to have fun because if you can't share a laugh every day, what's the point? Really?


My work is built upon a simple, powerful premise: engage with well-crafted, substantive content.

Content is the reason that people surf the 'net, tune in broadcast outlets, or devour printed materials. In our media-rich culture, a person today consumes three times the information they would have in 1960.

Kirby Communications delivers high-impact materials, strategies to maximize your brand, or professional development to polish your organization's media savvy.


Canadian Cancer Society

Educational videos detailing the financial burden suffered by patients and families.

Into The Music

Slice-of-life featuring audiophiles attending 'Record Day' held annually at music store across North America.

Manitoba Government

Diversity and multiculturalism are highlighted in the four-part series 'My Home Is Manitoba'.

Kritter Klock Inc

Marketing video for a startup company. Family business - family actors!


MTS Television

Excerpt from 'Sound by Garnet' documentary on Gar Gillies. who built amplifiers and sound equipment used by musicians including Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, BTO) and Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, Grady).


"There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness."

-Frank Capra

Video is today's most important marketing tool because it reaches all democraphics, spanning technologies and delivery devices including the one you're looking at now.

Video is bold. Video is a firm handshake. Over a billion people watch online videos each day.

Video goes hand-in-hand with social media. All it takes is one vid to go viral.

A well-produced video weaves images and sounds, delivering a message that your clients and customers will understand and enjoy.

Let Kirby Communications produce video for your website, in-house training, DVD sales packages, closed-circuit video loops or commercial broadcast.



Your business needs video. It's the best way to build brand.

Video marketing produces better sales conversions than any other content. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an online video explaining the product or service.

I offer start-to-finish services including research and writing, producing and directing, location shooting, and post-production.


Need a field producer? Tape gathered for a breaking story? I have travelled North America and Europe capturing compelling stories.

As an independent film maker, and with public and private broadcasters, I like to tell universal stories centred on the human element. My work has been acknowledged by the Radio-Television News Directors Association and the Columbus International Film and Video Festival, among others.


-JVC GY-HM 700/Canon 14x lens Tripod

-Nikon D7000 with: 50 mm prime, 18 - 55mm, 55-200

-Sennheiser wireless

-Marshall field monitor
-7-light kit w/ softboxes

-Green screen

-White screen

-Non-linear real-time edit bay with: Premiere Pro CC Photoshop Illustrator

-Microphones include: Audio Technica AT2020 Apex 460 tube condenserShure dynamic mics

-Royalty-free music available


Need a radio spot? Maybe a voice for your TV documentary?

I have been voicing and producing audio FOREVER! As a kid, I bought a cassette recorder with paper route money and started putting together my own programs, mimicking the announcers and commercials heard on local radio and the superstations from across North America that would 'skip' in at night.

I started my professional broadcast career in radio in 1980 and, over the years, have been a DJ, news reader, production voice and writer/producer.

With a fully equipped studio featuring music, sound effects library, and list of talented voices from which to draw, I can create the sounds you need for commercial radio, TV, independent film or documentaries.


Public engagement is a collaborative approach to achieving goals; a new and better way to apply humans, power and knowledge in finding solutions.

Unlike the top-down model of decision-making, public engagement is a two-way process involving interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit. The participants share common elements - where they live or work, their interests and passions, or other shared circumstances - which help to focus the engagement.

Transparency and participation are hallmarks. Whether through large town halls or intimate cafe meetings, public engagement actively brings together people to discuss and solve challenges.

Kirby Communications can help increase the quality and quantity of your public engagement activities with strategic planning, events coordination and advertising, and facilitation.


Kirby Communications is pleased to offer training in two key areas:


With extensive experience in all facets of the industry - reporter, producer, host, director, assignment editor and executive producer - I can customize training to your exact needs. One-on-one or group workshops available.


Whether you are seeking fame or fleeing infamy, I can help.
Media training and awareness is a great way to get staff or top executives comfortable with interviews and press requests. My strength is intimate knowledge about how the media operates. I built a successful career reporting, producing and managing newsrooms in western Canada. That is a powerful base for the media relations I offer to you.

Kirby Communications is pleased to offer these programs for purchase. Click for more: